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Dental Crowns & Bridges: Restoring Your Smile

Crowns and bridges are two common dental restorations used to address different dental concerns. Here's a breakdown of each:
Dental Crowns: A crown, also referred to as a cap, is a custom-made restoration that completely covers a damaged or weakened tooth.
Reasons for getting a crown: Large cavity or filling that compromises tooth structureCracked or fractured toothSeverely worn toothRoot canal-treated tooth needing additional protectionCosmetic enhancement for discolored or misshapen teeth
Dental Bridges: A bridge is a fixed dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. It consists of artificial teeth (pontics) fused between crowns placed on the surrounding healthy teeth (abutments).
Reasons for getting a bridge: Replaces missing teeth to restore chewing function and speech, Prevents surrounding teeth from shifting Improves aesthetics and confidence with a complete smile

Why Choose Crowns & Bridges?

Restore functionality: Crowns and bridges restore your ability to chew, bite, and speak normally.
Improve aesthetics: They provide a natural-looking and attractive smile.
Prevent further problems: Crowns protect weakened teeth and bridges prevent surrounding teeth from shifting, potentially leading to additional problems.
Durability: Both crowns and bridges are made from strong, long-lasting materials like porcelain or metal alloys.

What are the Benefits of Crowns & Bridges?

Strength and protection:
Crowns reinforce and protect a damaged tooth, preventing further breakage or decay.
Improved appearance: Crowns can be color-matched to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.
Long lifespan: With proper care, crowns can last for many years, even decades.

Natural-looking replacement:
Bridges provide a natural-looking solution for missing teeth, restoring your smile's aesthetics.
Improved chewing: Bridges allow you to chew food effectively, promoting better digestion and overall health.
Enhanced speech: Bridges help you speak clearly and confidently.
Prevents bone loss: By keeping surrounding teeth in place, bridges help maintain jawbone health and prevent bone loss that can occur with missing teeth.

Why Choose Dr Deena Dental Care?

Expertise: The DDC team carries an accumulative experience of 50+ years. With us, you are in safe hands.
Patient-first Approach: Prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction is a commitment at Deena Dental Care. We ensure your oral health journey remains top-notch with a personalized experience.
Dedication to Excellence: The DDC team consists of experts who are committed to delivering high-quality dental solutions that exceed your expectations.
Customized Solutions: We offer tailored treatment plans as per your specific dental needs.
Preventive Focus: Our emphasis on preventive treatments ensures proactive care for your dental well-being.
Minimally-invasive Method: We understand the common fear associated with dental procedures. Trust us for painless treatments conducted by our expert team.
Post-treatment Support: A dental treatment doesn’t end with you walking out of our clinic. Dr Deena Dental Care is committed to your long-term oral health with 100% post-treatment support. Don’t settle for anything less. Our specialized dentists, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to painless, cutting-edge dental solutions make us the best dental clinic in sector 122, Noida. Schedule a consultation with Dr Deena Dental Care, Noida today, and let us guide you toward the radiant smile you deserve!
What are crowns and bridges made of?

Crowns and bridges can be made from various materials, including porcelain, metal alloys, or a combination of both. Porcelain offers a natural look, while metal alloys provide strength and durability. Your dentist will recommend the most suitable material based on your needs and the location of the restoration.pen_spark

How long do crowns and bridges last?

With proper care, such as regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups, crowns and bridges can last for 10-15 years or even longer.

Do crowns and bridges require special care?

While crowns and bridges are durable, they require good oral hygiene practices similar to natural teeth. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and attending regular dental checkups are crucial for maintaining their longevity and functionality.

Will crowns and bridges feel natural?

Crowns and bridges are designed to feel comfortable and function similarly to natural teeth.  It may take some time to adjust to the new restorations, but they shouldn't cause any discomfort during everyday use.

How much do crowns and bridges cost?

The cost of crowns and bridges can vary depending on factors like the material used, the number of teeth involved, and your dentist's fees.

What are the alternatives to crowns and bridges?

Alternatives to crowns include fillings, inlays, or onlays for less extensive tooth damage. Alternatives to bridges include dentures or dental implants for replacing missing teeth.

What are the risks of crowns and bridges?

Potential risks associated with crowns and bridges include sensitivity, allergic reactions to certain materials (rare),  and  chipping or fracturing of the crown or bridge.

Can crowns and bridges be repaired if damaged?

In some cases, damaged crowns and bridges can be repaired. Depending on the extent of the damage,  the dentist may be able to repair the restoration  or it may need to be replaced entirely.

How can I prevent needing a crown or bridge?

Practicing good oral hygiene and attending regular dental checkups can help prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease that could necessitate a crown or bridge. Early intervention for

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